Festival Season Inpsires New Feature For Tinder App

Tinder, the world’s leading dating app, has launched a new app feature with the goal of making it easier for festival goers to socialise before the festivals even take place!

Following a report in 2018 which depicted results of an extreme surge in Tinder app registrations for attendees of UK music festivals, the Tinder team have come together to forge a new feature which will allow attendees to socialise prior to the main event.

With festival season just looming around the corner, Tinder wants to make it easier for its users to enjoy summer to the fullest and no doubt that means an array of successful Tinder dates will be on the cards for many.

The overall concept is to allow festival goers to decipher in advance who is single, who they get along with and all with the much-loved simplicity of a swipe, instead of wasting all their valuable, tent-pitching, festival energy trying to figure these things out after they arrive.

The so-called ‘Festival Mode’ will grant users access to other users’ profiles, who have also clicked going to the same event, up to three weeks before the festival takes place. Once they have confirmed their attendance they can then choose to place a badge on their profile, which grants other attendees this access.

This is all set to launch in the UK for the 24th of May in time for the All Points East festival in London.

Click the video to find out which festivals had the most Tinder registrations on grounds!

Image: GettyImages

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