According to a study, these are the types of women most likely to cheat

Routine, apathy, different life choices are all reasons that can push one or the other spouse to commit adultery. But if this is your wife’s role better beware…

According to a Study, These Are the Kind of Women Most Likely to Cheat
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Which kind of woman is more likely to cheat on her partner?

To answer this delicate question Illicit Encounters, a dating site for married people in the UK surveyed 10,000 of its subscribers. The goal? To determine what activities women were involved in that might make them more likely to cheat on their partners.

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Although various ‘types’ eventually emerged, it turned out that 20% of the women registered on the site were homemakers. This was not surprising for Illicit Encounters spokesperson Christian Grant, who said that women’s desire to cheat on their spouses is partly motivated by a sense of being neglected and boredom.

Typical female adultery is not motivated by arrogance, ego or lust, but by loneliness and a lack of satisfaction in one's marriage. This loneliness is further aggravated for homemakers who spend hours alone and who are even neglected once their husbands have returned home.

The series Desperate Housewives with its lonely heroines was therefore not so far from the truth…