According to a study, cannabis smokers have more sex than others

According to a study, the use of cannabis can have an impact on one’s sex life. It turns out, cannabis users tend to make love more often.

Usually singled out for its harmful effects on health, cannabis is now suddenly being rehabilitated by a very serious study. According to researchers at Stanford University (USA) who have studied the issue, cannabis users have a much more fulfilling sex life than the average person. Their findings were published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2017.

Smoking can improve one’s sex life

Following their research carried out over 13 years with 51,000 male and female subjects aged between 25 and 45 years, they came to the conclusion that the number of sexual encounters of cannabis users is 20% higher than the rest of the population.

Among male cannabis users, they had 6.9 sexual encounters per month compared with 5.6 among non-smokers. The same applies to women, who have an average of 7.1 sexual relations per month, compared with 6 for non-users.

Stimulation and increased motivation

In fact, according to similar research, taking drugs has been shown to have stimulating effects on certain brain regions assigned to sexual arousal. But establishing a link between this and saying that smoking is good for sex is one step that researchers prefer not to take.

In spite of these results, the authors believe that the link between the use of this drug and the increase in the number of sexual encounters has yet to be proven. Previous studies have also reported that regular cannabis users may experience epigenetic changes in their semen, in the same way as with tobacco smoke, pesticides, and obesity.

According to this study, we're all a little gay According to this study, we're all a little gay