According To A Study 62% Of Women Would Cheat On Their Partners With This Man

A rather disturbing study has been published online by an extra-marital dating site.

Every heard of the saying 'love thy neighbour'? According to a study by the Gleeden extra-marital dating site, if your wife was so inclined to cheat on you into your neighbour’s arms is where she would most likely run.

In total, the site surveyed 8,000 users, and the results were clear: 62% of women revealed to having already fantasised about their neighbour, and 31% of them have even acted on it. ‘While the majority of male interviewees (62%) seem to be content with a one-night stand in order to fulfil their fantasies [...] Almost half of women (47%) have practiced infidelity right on their doorsteps for several weeks, and 14% even prolonged the affair for several months,’ said the website.

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But rest assured, men are not left out. 71% of them said they have already fantasised about a neighbour as well, but only 23% admit to having acted on it…

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Rob Mitchell
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