A Woman Was Arrested After She Beat Her Boyfriend For Not 'Finishing Her Off'

We always hear growing up that we should try and finish anything we start. It helps us in the future to complete our goals and see things through. Well, apparently one man's parents didn't instill these values well enough so his girlfriend attempted to forcefully teach him after he neglected to finish performing oral sex on her.

This story comes out of Florida (no surprise there) where a woman named Jennie Scott, 50, beat her boyfriend Jilberto Deleon, 32, for being selfish in bed.

Officers were called to the victims home after an altercation led to violence between the 'on and off' couple of 5 years. According to a statement, a witness saw Scott jump on top of Deleon after some time arguing proceeding to punch and scratch him. Things got worse when she started beating him with a stick and threatening to use a wrench, however, the witness managed to wrestle the tool away from Scott.

According to The Smoking Gun, Scott told police that they 'were giving each other oral pleasure in the bedroom' when Jilberto 'finished first' and stopped pleasuring her... Scott added that she 'became upset and they began arguing.'

According to the responding officers, Scott was 'extremely intoxicated'. When they arrested her, she was in constant struggle with the officers and when placed in the squad car she repeatedly attempted to kick out the window of the cruiser until the officers threatened her with mase.

Moral of the story? Don't be a selfish lover, if you're taking it, don't forget to give it back as well. We all like to feel good. But also, violence is never the answer...

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