A Couple Who Were Trying to Get Pregnant Turned Out to Be Doing Something Very Wrong

A young Chinese couple has just discovered the correct way to conceive a child, after 4 years of trying but not doing it right. Don’t miss this!

A lot of the time reality is better than fiction, and although this may seem like the plot from a film, this story is completely true.

A 26 and 24-year-old Chinese couple from the city of Bijie in the Guizhou province, were trying to get pregnant for a long time, no less than 4 years to be more exact, but it just wasn’t happening.

As the Mirror stated, they eventually decided to ask someone for help and turned to medical professionals for advice. And, although the couple assured the doctors that they were having regular sexual intercourse, they still weren’t able to conceive. The woman also told her gynaecologist that this intercourse was normally very painful.

It wasn’t until medical professionals decided to investigate this further and get to the bottom of the problem that they discovered something that left them with their mouths wide open.

Check out our video to see exactly what this couple was doing wrong!

Apparently, our Chinese couple weren’t exactly clear on the correct way to have children, something that the majority of us know. However, what we all still aren’t so clear on is what really happens to our bodies when we actually have sexual intercourse with another person.

What happens to our bodies during sexual intercourse?

Ever since school, we have all been taught that human beings are born, they reproduce, and they die, but not how sexual intercourse affects our bodies.

First of all, our bodies are designed so that we lead better lives if we have intimate relationships with others than if we don’t. Nowadays, more and more people are choosing a life of abstinence, but the decision of whether to make love or not is largely affected by our libido.

Sex is purely chemical

Having sexual intercourse with another person alters the concentration of some hormones and neurotransmitters in our blood.

But the substance that increases the most, in this case, are endorphins, that are associated with please and relaxation, such as can be consumed through chocolate or exercise, but in terms of sex, it is our own bodies that create them.

The largest number of endorphins are released during orgasm, confirming that this is a really good way to destress, help us to sleep and alleviate physical pain.

Another important substance involved in sexual intercourse is the hormone known as oxytocin that, since it is linked to forming emotional and romantic connections with others, also plays a very important role. Oxytocin is normally produced when we hug our partners, when we look into their eyes, when we kiss them and through other displays of affection. And although this hormone is associated with affection and how we feel, it also plays a role in sexual pleasure.

So it is more than likely that oxytocin is responsible for couples having sex more because if they frequently show affection and support towards one another, it’s perfectly normal for these couples to want and love each other more.

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