9 Out Of 10 People Have Admitted To Engaging In Sexual Activity In The Workplace

9 Out Of 10 People Have Admitted To Engaging In Sexual Activity In The Workplace

It might be surprising news, but it seems being in the office is not a turn-off - on the contrary, a recent study shows a surprising number of people have been getting busy at work - and not in the way their managers are hoping!

A British study, conducted by dating site Saucydate surveyed 20,238 people to find out about their possible sexual practices at their workplace, and it seems sex in the workplace is going on a lot more than we think. For example, 87% of those surveyed admitted having at least one fling or sexual relationship in their workplace during their career. From office party snogs to booty calls with colleagues - it turns out Britain’s workers are a right randy bunch!

Unsurprisingly, the least risque sex act is the most common in the workplace with 28% of people allowing themselves a passionate snog at work. But almost as many are willing to take things further. 21% of men admit to having watched a bit of porn on their office computer while at work, whilst only 18% of women admit to the same thing. 20% of males have masturbated at work, compared to 16% of their female coworkers.

What about sexual activities?

Whilst they’re in the minority, a whopping 17% of Brits have had sex at their place of work! What’s more, 15% of workers have engaged in oral sex at work, 14% in hand jobs and 15% in fingering.

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But where can they practice all these guilty pleasures? The possibilities are endless (you just need to be a little bit creative...), but some practices are still common to one particular place. Having sex or watching porn is most likely to happen in private offices. Meanwhile oral sex and handjobs are most likely to happen in the toilets - classy...

For the record, Americans (18%) are more inclined than the British to have sex at work. Indians (7%) are the most cautious.

• Kim Scott
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