This Model Is The Self-Proclaimed Woman With The World's Biggest Cups

One German model from Hamburg’s claim to fame is sure to turn a few heads: she's got the world’s largest bust. Just how large exactly? Well, her breasts actually account for half her body weight. Insane.

She has some very happy fans

It’s safe to say that for most guys who happen to find themselves face to face with German model Beshine, it can be a bit difficult to maintain eye contact. According to Beshine, real name Marya Hills, she’s got the world’s largest cups. Now just how big are they? As per her official website, they weigh a total of 72 lbs. She (or should we say they?) has amassed quite the following on Twitter, where she shares photos of herself for her 141,000 followers.

It’s not all fun and games

As one would come to expect with a weight like this, her bust isa source of chronic back pain as well as many other problems. Leaning forward is almost guaranteed to end in disaster for her. Shaving her legs is also completely out of the question for her. It goes without saying that she must spend a fortune getting custom bras made up – we can’t imagine her waltzing into Victoria’s Secret and grabbing a 32Z bra straight off the rack!

By Stacey Williams

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