The Most Incredible And Bizarre Human Body Records In The World

• Emma Jensen
Elaine Davis is the world’s “Most Pierced Woman”. As of 2016, she had a total of 9,800.
52 inches. That’s how long the legs are on Russian athlete and model Ekaterina Lisina. A record, naturally.
Angolan man Francisco Domingo Joaquim possesses the world’s largest mouth. He can fit an entire can in it with no problem.
Double feature in this photo: the woman with the smallest feet in the world with the man who’s got the largest feet. Shoe size of 40, with feet measuring 15.75 inches.
This man Gary Turner has the world’s most elastic skin. Impressive and disgusting at the same time.

The human body is capable of extraordinary, incredible, and sometimes shocking feats. Check out this list of 15 world records relating to people with some truly unique bodies.