He Thought Being Blindfolded By Girlfriend Was Sweet, But It Ended Up Being Brutal

He Thought Being Blindfolded By Girlfriend Was Sweet, But It Ended Up Being Brutal

By way of revenge for her boyfriend who made her believe that her dog was dead, this young woman gave her boyfriend a birthday surprise that he is not going to forget in a hurry.

This couple shares a common passion of joking around and pranking each other. So while one of catches their partner out, they can be sure that the other will doing everything it takes to get revenge.

Since her boyfriend made her believe that their dog was dead, this young woman had sworn to make him pay for this horrible joke. The day after his birthday, she slipped into the bathroom to blindfold her dear partner, promising him that she had one more little surprise to offer him. She then made him sit naked on a chair that she had booby trapped with hair removal waxing strips. When he finally removed the blindfold, the young man did not understand what was happening. But when his beloved girlfriend asked him to stand up, he could only fear the worst. For a few seconds, he was under the assumption she had glued him to the chair but upon finding out it was only hair wax, he wasn’t much more reassured.

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After several minutes of pain, he finally managed to get up from the chair, but not without screaming like a small child. For his girlfriend, it was a hilarious prank, executed to perfection. But she must know look over her shoulder as the revenge attack will probably be even more brutal.

• Stacey Williams
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