This Extreme Heat Wave In The US Caused A Worrying - But Impressive - Phenomenon

In the central states of the USA, the heat wave of last summer had some seriously impressive effects. We’ll explain the phenomenon.

Though Europe may sometimes experience heat waves, it is nothing compared to other regions in the world. In particular, the central states of the United States, that experienced such extreme heat in July 2017 that objects began to melt everywhere...

Yes, yes, you read that right - in California or Arizona, states that were particularly affected, roads, signs, garbage cans or fences began to literally drip.

Proof of this impressive heat wave is the monumental amount of photos that many inhabitants shared on social networks. Some even have to use kitchen gloves to touch their steering wheel, while others decided to bake cookies directly on their car hoods... The temperatures were so high that the weather channels had to invent a new color, purple, to designate them on maps.

Though the temperature remained below 50 degrees Celsius most of the time, which is already too hot, we agree, some days it reached 52 degrees! This forced American Airlines' planes to remain grounded at Phoenix Airport in Arizona because an aircraft cannot take off above 48 degrees.

A few older people and hikers even lost their lives during this particularly aggressive heat wave. So remember that when it's hot there are some tips and tricks to know in order to cope with the heat and fight it off.

What is 'Summer Penis', a phenomenon caused by heat waves? What is 'Summer Penis', a phenomenon caused by heat waves?