They Were Driving When They Saw Something Terrifying On The Side Of The Road

Discover the impressive images of a giant mudslide on the outskirts of the Russian town of Zarechny, shot by an amateur photographer.

When nature gets carried away, what follows is usually quite impressive, and even scary. This video, shot not far from the town of Zarechny, which is around 800 kilometres south-east of Moscow in Russia, bears witness to this fact. The video shows an enormous mudslide running down the road, taking everything in its path with it.

Nothing could stop it

The mix of mud, earth and snow seemed unrelenting and from the footage shot by a very brave man, it’s clear that nothing could stop it. Trees, rocks and even utility poles, everything was swept away within seconds. Luckily, the road survived and wasn’t completely destroyed, which would have been a lot more dangerous.

The fault lies with the heavy rainfall

These enormous mudslides are due to the harsh weather that hits this region in Russia, making the land very loose and so causing a huge amount of earth to become displaced.

Although images of the mud tsunami surging down the road are surprising to us, we mustn’t forget that Russia is used to extreme weather conditions such as these! After all, Russia is even home to the coldest town in the world, Oymyakon. These extremely hostile weather conditions can however be really damaging to this immense country.

Luckily, the people who live there are rather used to it, they know how to cope and can therefore adapt to the conditions, just like when airline passengers decided to push their frozen airplane to help it take off quicker. We couldn’t even imagine doing anything like that in the United Kingdom…

She saw something terrifying in the reflection in her sunglasses while taking a selfie She saw something terrifying in the reflection in her sunglasses while taking a selfie