They May Look Beautiful, But These Ice Bubbles Are Hiding A Deadly Secret

One lake in Alberta, Canada contains an array of stunning bubbles below the frozen surface. However, it may be vital to keep the cliche, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” in mind because these bubbles may not be as naturally aesthetic as many of us would like to believe. Check out the video above to see why they're such a big danger.

Canadian lakes in mountainous regions attract flocks of tourists and locals every year; people love to marvel at the vibrant blue hues, snap Instagram-worthy photos, and bask in the total serenity. And it’s without a doubt that several visitors stopped by Lake Abraham in Alberta. Why?

Lake Abraham has impressive bubbles trapped below the surface.

However, it’s easy to think that these bubbles help to perfectly capture the winter wonderland vibe, but are they actually a natural wonder or are they hiding a shady secret?

Let’s find out!

These frozen bubbles are methane gas. Most of the time, escaping methane holds little threat to you, but they can be dangerous and deadly. Want to know how these seemingly beautiful (but cunning) bubbles can potentially harm you and the environment? Watch the video for more details!

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