Remarkable Moment A Tsunami Of Ice Strikes The United States Border

A very unusual meteorological phenomenon struck the Great Lakes of North America, situated on the Canada–United States border, forming an incredible wall of moving ice in the process.

The residents in this region, located between Canada and the United States, were witnesses to an ice tsunami. As unusual as it may seem, the giant blocks of ice were formed on the shores of the lakes, as the video above captures the awe-striking moment.

Spectacular footage

But what caused this tsunami? Violent winds lead to an enormous snow storm and strong currents in the lake. In some places, the ice measured more than 12 meters high and is said to have extended more than 45 meters down. It even started crushing the trees and lamp posts along the way.

After this storm, 625,000 people who lived around the Great Lakes didn’t have power. This phenomenon is the first was the population and up until now, no serious damage has been declared. Citizens were however been able to witness an abnormally beautiful scene as a result.

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