Partygate: 'He can't be PM any longer,' five-year-old calls Boris Johnson’s ‘naughty’

Layla Somani, five, was filmed explaining why the prime minister erred in attending a party in lockdown, adding that he needs to say sorry.

Boris Johnson
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Boris Johnson

While the prime minister is being grilled by members of parliament over lockdown parties, a five-old girl has been explaining to her grandparents where he went wrong, the risk of losing his job, and why he should apologize.

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Naughty behaviour

Sometime last week, Layla Somani sat down to breakfast while a discussion was ongoing on the TV about the unfolding controversy surrounding a party attended by government officials during lockdown.

The conversation in the background prompted Layla to offer an explanation of events to her grandparents, which was caught on camera. In the hilarious video shared on social media, little Layla said:

Boris Johnson told everyone to stay at home, but in lockdown, he just went down to a party. He’d been naughty, so he had to go to the naughty center and apologize to everyone for going to a lockdown party.

Last week, the PM apologized for attending the party, which he had earlier described as a ‘work event.’ But Layla did not sound convinced by this apology, going as far as to suggest him losing his job over the controversy.

Now he can’t be Prime Minister any longer, and he can’t return to his prime minister residence, so he’s no longer Prime Minister. So, someone else will be Prime Minister, and there will be a good Prime Minister, but Boris Johnson is no longer a Prime Minister; he is a bad Prime Minister.

Future PM?

Boris Johnson has come under fire for the events of May 2020 when the UK was under its first lockdown, with many people unable to see their loved ones. Many have called for his resignation, but Layla said he might just maintain his position if luck is on his side.

However, if he’s lucky, he’ll be able to return to his prime minister’s home and resume his position. We’ll see if he’s lucky tomorrow.

The video of Layla giving her take on the controversy has been viewed close to 60,000 times. Her mother Devina has revealed that, Layla has promised to ‘definitely become the prime minister.’

We couldn’t believe the amount of information she’d gathered. As she was explaining it to us, we thought to ourselves, 'Oh my God.' We couldn’t believe she’d learned so much and was retaining it so well. It was incredible to be able to capture the moment because some of the things she mentions you miss.
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