Despite Being Accused Of Racist And Anti-Semitic Statements, This YouTuber Is The First Person To Reach 100 Million Fans

This YouTuber is the first person ever to break 100 million subscribers on YouTube, even though he has recently made the headlines because of his statements that may be a bit too much for some people.

Pewdiepie nazi uniform
© Pewdiepie
Pewdiepie nazi uniform

The world of YouTube is huge. Some YouTubers such as Rezo, focus on the political side of things (and also the media by the way), while others such as Katja Krasavice took a more erotic path to earn their money on the platform (Katja lets her fans get involved in just about everything). But one of these YouTubers has managed to earn just as many followers as anybody else.

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Let’s Play cracks the magic brand

Felix Kjellber, aka ‘PewDiePie’ is THE social media star. According to Social Blade, a site that creates report cards for YouTubers, this Swedish YouTuber is the first influencer to reach 100 million subscribers. Before him, only the Indian company ‘T-Series’ had managed it.

In recent months, the Swede has also initiated a war against this company over subscribers in which he, for example, led an advertising campaign which urged users to subscribe to his channel. As a gamer, he plays video games while commenting on the gameplay.

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Not just millions of followers

Because of his activity on YouTube, the influencer probably earns around 13 million euros a year. It is estimated that his total assets and earnings amount to around 26 million euros.

But despite his success, the social media star has also been repeatedly criticised. According to Vox, Kjellberg is said to have repeatedly been in the spotlight because of his racist or anti-Semitic statements. We hope he is aware that his subscribers come from all over the world and they are the ones who make his currently lifestyle possible. Maybe he’ll think twice next time he speaks.

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