The Holiday Feasts Are Over, It's Time To Shed The Winter Weight (For Real This Time)

Looking to lose some weight? Well we've got the perfect programme for you... Noom!

Ah, the holiday season. The time of the year where it seems we spend two weeks straight either at the dinner table or out drinking with friends. What could be better?

Well, early January comes rearing its head seemingly out of nowhere (as if it’s not always the same, right?) and it’s time to snap back to reality. If you’re anything like me, you’ve lived the same nightmare: you wake up one Monday morning to get ready for work and you step on the scale. Obviously, the thing is broken, right? Is it possible the digits are backwards? Surely it’s the glass of water you drank as you woke up that’s adding the extra weight.

Despite how much we try to reason with ourselves, the fact remains that maybe, just maybe all the excessive eating and drinking may have had an impact on our waistlines. And as is the case every year, my New Year’s resolution is to hit the gym, eat healthy, and get in shape.

Unfortunately, it never seems to last in the long run… That’s why this year I’ve decided that I’d take all the help I can get with shedding the weight and keeping it off because I’d like to try out a different resolution next year like, I don’t know... learn to throat sing?

That’s why I tried out Noom. Instead of like ordinary calorie-counting programmes, it takes a different approach that actually looks to change the way we eat.

Did that sentence alone convince you? Go ahead and click here to check out a 14-day risk-free trial! If not, continue reading below and see how Noom worked for me.

I’ve known people who have become overly reliant on diet trackers and meticulously track every single thing they eat. Hey, good on them for being committed but at the same time who wants grab a quick bite with that guy?

Noom’s way of looking at it is simple: before you can really change how you eat, you’ve got to become aware of how and why you eat the way you do. It’s about developing healthy habits and not a dependency on a fad diet. The team behind Noom isn’t just telling you to cut out carbs or do basic calculations of how many calories you should be eating based off your age, sex, and weight - they actually help create a specific plan, specific to your lifestyle and needs.

Sometimes we eat because we’re stressed, bored or upset… It’s because of triggers like these that shame eating a family size bag of Doritos. Admittedly, they were delicious, but it probably wasn’t the healthiest choice to eat them all. Maybe stopping after a small bowl would’ve been a wiser idea.

You're telling me this is only 143 calories? And I can eat it? On a diet? You're crazy for this one Noom. IG@Noom

That’s what Noom is looking to do. It focuses as much on the mental side as it does on the fitness side. To give you an idea, one thing Noom helped me identify is the type of hunger I had at any given moment. Am I eating out of reflex? Is my stomach hungry or is it in my head?

If I could sum up Noom in a few words, I’d tell people that it’s a program that helps you learn how to eat properly and live healthily without guilt. That’s what sets it apart from other apps I’ve tried previously and that’s why I continue to use it.

Give it a spin - take the test and see what you think. You may be surprised what you learn about yourself!

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