Nintendo Are Now Recruiting... With Amazing Salaries!

Are you an unrivaled Nintendo fan? Always wanted to work there? You’re in luck: they’re looking for new employees, and they’re planning to pay big bucks!

Thinking of making a career switch? Got a passion for gaming? Here’s your chance: Nintendo has launched a huge recruitment campaign for young graduates. The only thing is that you’d have to move to Tokyo to apply, since their new store needs new blood. With more than 2,000 employees in Japan, Nintendo represents an undeniable asset for the country.

If that bit doesn’t concern you, then know that Nintendo has released some interesting statistics concerning its employees and company work conditions. Obviously, these numbers come directly from Nintendo rather than an external source, but all the same, they provide a fair measure of life both in Japan and within the tough world of video games.

Between the average salary (not median, granted, which is often more representative), number of hours worked, and average age within the company, these numbers can prove invaluable. It’s rare to have exact data on these kinds of things, as they can highlight work conditions that may be precarious. As it is, Nintendo seems to carry itself well, and projects like an upcoming Mario film, dazzling Switch sales, and a rumored Switch Pro console continue to have this group flying on a cloud!

Check out the video above for more!

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