Vladimir Putin: The surprising reason why he takes off his shirt so often

The many shots of Vladimir Putin all in muscles and bare chest reveals why he prefers staying without a shirt.

Vladimir Putin seems to be an undisputed master of political communication. He demonstrated this many times during his years at the heart of Russian power.

A virile political communication

The man who started the war in Ukraine a month ago is known to be very comfortable without a shirt. Vladimir Putin has appeared shirtless many times in photo shots, in the countryside and in the mountains.

On horseback and on a bear, the photographs are recurrent shots. In a gym with weight machines in 2015, in a judo club in 2010 or even posing almost naked in 2009. That same year, the Russian head of state who initiated the war in Ukraine rode a horse without a shirt.

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Putin holidaying

The most well-known montage representing him riding a grizzly bear was actually created to give the feeling of dominance.

Some journalists have also questioned him on this subject, such as this one from NBC:

I have never yet ridden a bear. But such photos exist.

Surprisingly, the photographer who regularly follows Putin, is also the one who took a picture of President Emmanuel Macron on the day of the victory of PSG in the football world cup in July 2018. It is Paul Larrouturou who chose to highlight it on his Twitter account.

Paul Larrouturou tweet in French

This article is translated from Gentside FR.

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