Tougher lockdown restrictions: What you can and can't do from Thursday

Yesterday Boris Johnson addressed the public in order to lay out the law and inform Britain of the new coronavirus restrictions to be put in place, including restrictions on pub opening times as well as limits on socialising.

New rules are coming into effect from Thursday in an attempt by authorities to stifle the spread of coronavirus.

Boris Johnson addressed the public at 8 pm last night to inform Britain of the new rules which include restrictions on the opening hours of licensed premises as well as limits on socialising. The new measures are followed by £200 fines and could last as long as six months.

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So what are the new rules?

Eating and drinking

Boris Johnson has announced that from Thursday all pubs and restaurants must close their doors a 10 pm. The PM also reiterated that 10 pm will not be the hour for last call but will instead be the hour that customers must leave. Fortunately, the curfew does not include takeaway premises, this means you can still get your late-night Uber Eats!

Pubs, cafes and restaurants will now have to be strictly table service which means no more queuing up at the bar for your brew. Also, masks must now be worn all the time in these premises unless seated at a table.


The rule of six still applies in both private and public spaces, this includes both visiting family and house parties.

Indoor sports

Indoor sports will now also be following the rule of six. That means no more than six people will be able to participate.

Going to work

Boris Johnson has announced that all those who have the ability to work from home should do so. This is a complete U-turn on the previous policy made to get people back out into the workplace.

Also, those who work in pubs, restaurants, cafes and retail must also be wearing their masks unless sitting down.

Live sports

The return of live spectators that was proposed for October 1st will no longer be going ahead.


The number of people allowed at weddings has dropped from 30 people to 15.


Funerals are one of the rare situations that have not experienced further restrictions and the number of funeral guests is still set at 30.

Places of worship

Places of worship are set to stay open


Schools, universities, childcare centres and nurseries are still set to stay open also. This makes it infinitely easier on those who must now work from their home offices.

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