This Is the Video People Claim Shows That Donald Trump Is in Poor Health

Does Donald Trump have health problems? A video shared on Twitter that went viral seems to imply so.

Donald Trump is making headlines... again. This time, it's not because of one of his many Twitter rants or press conferences, like a recent one where he made inappropriate comments when talking about the George Floyd case.

No, this time, it's a tweet from The Lincoln Project that's got everyone talking. The video they posted on Twitter this past weekend shows the president of the United States very clearly struggling to walk to make it down a relatively gradual set of stairs.

After giving a speech at West Point Military Academy's graduation ceremony, Donald Trump gripped the ramp very tightly as he walked off-stage. The Lincoln Project tweeted the following:

But there's more cause for concern where that came from. Trump was recently seen holding his glass with both hands to drink, and he had trouble pronouncing "General Douglas MacArthur." But it wasn't long before Donald Trump clapped back to debunk the rumours. He posted a tweet about his health in an attempt to silence those who make these claims:

At least his supporters are reassured.

'I felt very tired:' Donald Trump shares an update on his health 'I felt very tired:' Donald Trump shares an update on his health