Tel Aviv Found Itself Under a Rain of Little Bags of Marijuana

Tel Aviv, Israel, had a big surprise last Thursday. All of a sudden, small bags of marijuana started falling from the sky.

Not everyone likes walking around in the rain. But some might change their mind after this story! Last Thursday, passers-by in the Yitzhak-Rabin square in Tel Aviv in Israel saw not drops of water falling from the sky, but bags of marijuana!

First reported by Reuters, this story then spread around the world. No, this unusual scene was not the newest effect of climate change, but rather a drone that dropped the little bags from the sky. It was piloted by members of Green Drone, an Israeli cannabis legalisation organisation. The group had promised this distribution on their website, which read: ‘Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it is the Green Drone that is sending you free cannabis from the sky.’

Although some people managed to leave with a few bags, the police arrived on the scene very quickly. Authorities suspected that the substance in the bags was a ‘dangerous drug.’ The two people flying the drone were then arrested.

It should be noted that in Israel, the use of cannabis is illegal but little enforced. Its export for medical use was authorised in May.

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