Separate beds: Donald and Melania Trump's marriage is on the rocks

A new biography has revealed how the Trumps have been faring recently, and it seems that there have been plenty and arguments and some rather juicy little secrets have even started to emerge.

The American election took place a few days ago and the votes are still being counted. Meanwhile, Trump is already calling himself the next president and Melania was even spotted voting without her mask.

White House secrets

On top of all the breaking news that has flooded our TVs recently, it seems that the White House has been holding onto a few more secrets. Author Kate Bennet wrote in her unauthorised biography Free Melania about how things have been getting on for the Trump couple.

Melania is said to have much more influence on her powerful husband's politics than expected, and it seems there is also some kind of competition going on between her and Ivanka. Check out the video above for more information.

Melania's many ailments

The biography talks about the First Lady's health after she was infected with COVID-19 just a few weeks ago. But the book also delves into another of Melania's ailments: the 50-year-old apparently had an operation on her kidneys that was far more serious than we all assumed. It seems the operation could have been much more grave and there is even speculation that Melania may have lost a kidney in the process.

In the mood for some more spicy details about Donald and Melania Trump's married life and the catfight between the First Lady and Stormy Daniels, the woman who allegedly had an affair with Donald Trump back in 2006? Okay, well here's the juicy bit...

According to Kate Bennet, the Trump couple are currently sleeping in separate beds, and not even in the same room or in the next room over! Donald and Melania are apparently sleeping on different floors! It seems somebody can't put enough distance between themselves and their partner! Anyway, it certainly says a lot about their marriage...

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