Russia Has Just Developed the First Coronavirus Vaccine

‘The first Russian vaccine against the coronavirus is ready.’ According to Russian Deputy Defence Minister Ruslan Tsalikov in an interview with a Russian publication, the Russians are the first to finally find a COVID-19 cure. Is this real or fake news? We’ll fill you in.

This is news that could change things in a big way. In Russia, Deputy Defence Minister Ruslan Tsalikova said that scientists have discovered an effective vaccine against COVID-19.

Russian military virologists assisted by the Gamalaya Centre for Epidemiology and Microbiology were at the forefront of the research in developing this alleged vaccine. According to Ruslan Tsalikov in an interview with Russian newspaper Argoumenty i Fakty, the first results are very positive:

Our specialists and researchers at the Gamalaya Centre have drawn the final conclusions from the test results. All of our volunteers without exception who had built up immunity to the coronavirus were doing well by the time they left the hospital.

Elena Smolyachuk, Director of the Centre for the Clinical Study of Medicines at the Setchenov University, stated that those who participated in the study came out healthy, building an immunity to the virus.

No side effects, complications or adverse reactions, no health complaints from volunteers were noted at the time of discharge.

This is what can be read in a press release that was issued by the Russian state following these experiments. For the time being, no official announcement has been made by the Head of State. If these revelations turn out to be true, we will soon be able to return to a more normal life thanks to the coronavirus vaccine.

But in the meantime, we should all continue to the proper measures to limit the risk of contagion: wash your hands well, stand at least three feet away from others and, above all, wear a protective mask which covers the mouth and nose.

Check out the video above for more details.

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