Pub office may be the new norm after a year of home office

A company is campaigning for UK businesses to allow their staff to work from pubs once a week in a bid to help boost the hospitality industry.

The company WorkClub, which is a business that helps those working remotely find workspaces via its app, has started a campaign targeted towards companies to allow their staff to work from the pub once a week as a way to boost the service industry's losses during the pandemic.

New spaces to work in for greater stimulation

This initiative comes as a twofold advantage that will not only drive staff to work in a more stimulating environment (a welcome change from the stale walls of your home office that is probably also where you sleep, eat or watch TV), but also help revive the bleeding economy of pubs across the country. Operations Director for Edyn Group, Paul Spencer, explains that:

Hotel social spaces will see a significant increase in demand from the remote workforce in the wake of the pandemic. As the novelty of working from home begins to wear thin, and people crave a sense of community, these spaces provide a more stimulating environment to work from, as well as high-tech facilities and amenities.

And adds:

By adopting hotels as an alternative workspace, it also creates new revenue opportunities for the hospitality industry - which needs as much support as possible at this moment in time.

More than just a cool new workspace!

As more and more companies are considering a permanent shift to working from home since the pandemic, WorkClub's partnership with pubs in the UK could also bring interesting offers for those who jump at the opportunity. Head of sales at Young's Brewery, Sarah Groves says:

Working remotely from your local has many benefits; it's usually a short walk from home, no overcrowded tube journey required and it's supporting the industries recovery. We offer free WiFi in all our pubs and many of them offer 'work from the pub' packages through WorkClub which include unlimited tea and coffee and a choice of lunch.

Unlimited coffee, tea, wifi with lunch included? Sign us up!

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