Pornhub announces it will only be available to Americans who voted in the election

Voting isn’t compulsory but it is important and to encourage Americans to vote, Pornhub has announced that from 10 am to 9 pm Eastern Time on the 3rd of November, their website will only be available to Americans who exercised their voting rights.

Pornhub has recognised the importance of voting and in order to drive home that importance to their audience, the adult entertainment website has launched the Give a F**k, Get a F**K campaign.

On the 3rd of November, polling stations will be open all across the USA in what will no doubt be one of the most followedelections of the century. And, to ensure people invest as much time into changing the government as they do complaining about it, Pornhub has announced that anyone looking for some ‘moments of relief’ will have to submit their ballot first.

While the x-rated website won’t be able to actually ask for proof if you’ve voted, from 10 am to 9 pm they will greet horny humans with an overlay encouraging them to do so. From there people will be able to click ‘yes’ if they’ve voted or lie and click yes anyway because we all know politics is the last thing on these people’s minds.

Pornhub’sVice President Corey Price released in a statement:

Roughly 43 per cent of eligible voters-equal to 100 million people didn’t vote in the 2016 U.S Presidential Election, according to turnout estimates from the U.S. Elections Project. We want to encourage people to do their civic duty this year by casting their ballot and having their voice heard.

The x-rated website also recruited some of their most famous stars to feature in the PSA to really help drive the message home with some influencer marketing. Asa Akira, Janice Griffith, Natassia Dreams, Lance Hart, Sovereign Syre, Lotus Laine, and Domino Presley have all stood up to support the cause and are urging citizens to make their voices and tier votes be heard.

The Give a F**K, Get a F**K campaign was launched in collaboration with creative agency, Just for Fun who also released in a statement:

In 2016, over 100 million eligible voters had zero f***s to give about the election. This year, to encourage everyone to get off the couch and head to the polling places, we knew we needed to hit them where it hurts - their pants.

So, if you at all plan on spanking your monkey, choking your chicken, or petting your cat this Tuesday then make sure you vote, so you can have that post nut clarity before you…well, you know..

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