Newly discovered COVID-19 variant is three times deadlier for young people

Researchers have discovered a new strain of the coronavirus that is 565% more contagious in younger people and three times likelier to induce death too.

The newly discovered super contagious and super deadly strain of the coronavirus is currently ravaging Brazil and making its ways to other parts of the world.

A 565% increase in infection rates for people in their 30s

Research from the Brazilian public health institute, Fiocruz, has found that this new strain is three times likelier to be conducive to death for younger people. Data collected has found that this particular variant, which is now being called P1, is 150% more infectious than previous forms of the virus.

Since the emergence of P1 in January, people in their 30s testing positive has increased by a whopping 565%. An increase of 626% in those in their 40s as well as a 525% jump in people in their 50s has also been observed.

Currently, Brazil is experiencing a surge in coronavirus related deaths with more than 3,000 cases being recorded daily.

Harvard epidemiologist, Dr. Eric Liang Feigl-Ding, explaied the gravity of the situation in the South American country and how its effects could have repercussions elsewhere in the world:

The entire country has no ICU beds left. The deaths are soaring exponentially... like through the roof. P1 could be the variant that is the big troublemaker for the next surge.

The spread could be catastrophic

As it stands, the US has detected 48 cases of the variant which could be catastrophic for the country that is currently the most affected in the world. Governor Andrew Cuomo said:

The detection of the Brazilian variant here in New York further underscores the importance of taking all the appropriate steps to continue to protect your health.

It has even made its way to Canada's Vacouver Canucks hockey team having afflicted more than half of its players. Dr. Feigl-Ding commented:

More than 50 per cent of its team sickened, many decimated 'very ill.' Despite strict workplace protocols. Despite big PPE budget. Despite daily testing. The P. 1 variant is just that bad**s.
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