Mason Greenwood sexual abuse: This is everything we know so far

In the wake of Benjamin Mendy's rape scandal, the world of football has been hit with further accusations of sexual misconduct—this time involving Mason Greenwood.

This new case has tarnished the image of the Premier League: after Frenchman Benjamin Mendy, who plays with Manchester City, was charged with four counts of rape, another striker of the rival team has been arrested for the same.

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Mason Greenwood in custody

Mason Greenwood, a 20-year-old Manchester United striker, was taken into custody and removed from the Red Devils team in the process. He had already made news in 2020 during the Nations League, for having women in his hotel room during the competition.

The player has been accused of domestic violence and rape by his girlfriend, Harriet Robson. She revealed shocking photos of her body and face showing signs of physical abuse, on Instagram. She posted the following caption: 'for all those who want to know what Mason Greenwood does to me.'

Without revealing the identity of the athlete, police said an investigation has been launched.

We can confirm that a man in his 20s has been arrested on suspicion of rape and assault. He remains in custody for questioning. The investigation is ongoing.

Alleged victim's account hacked?

Harriet Robson also posted an audio recording on her Instagram account in which a man is heard forcing her to have sex. The file dates from October 21, but was immediately removed from the social media platform.

The Manchester United club released a rather vague statement that did not specifically point out any player in particular, simply stating that were are against any form of violence. But a few hours later, with further developments, Greenwood was suspended until further notice.

The victim's father has said that she did not want the case to become public. According to Mr. Robson, speaking to the Daily Mail, her phone was 'hacked':

She told us that her phone had been hacked. She's devastated because she didn't want it to be published. He (Greenwood) has been part of our family for two or three years. Their relationship has not been good the last few months. She is completely devastated by this. They were very much in love and had been together for a while. The police are looking into it now.

At this time, Mason Greenwood has not responded.

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