Mandatory vaccine: Italy imposes compulsory COVID jab to over 50s

As the Omicron variant takes a toll on health care systems all across the globe, the Italian government has imposed mandatory vaccination for all those over 50.

With records being broken daily in many parts of Europe, more and more countries are imposing strict measures to alleviate pressure on their health care systems.

Mandatory vaccine for over 50s

Italy, with more than 189,000 new positive COVID cases recorded in the last 24 hours, a new rule, effective immediately, will oblige all those over 50 to get jabbed. Failure to do so will no longer allow them to enter restaurants, pubs or other social gathering spots and events that require a proof of health. Health minister Roberto Speranza explained that:

We are making these choices in order to restrict the unvaccinated as much as possible, as this is what is causing the burden on our hospital system. We want to slow the growth of the infection curve and push Italians who are not yet vaccinated to get vaccinated.

And added:

We are targeting the age groups which are most at risk of hospitalisation in order to reduce pressure on hospitals and save lives. At the same time, we want to keep schools and businesses open.

Necessary restrictions to curb the death toll

Further, the Mediterranean country will also be requiring its workers over the age of 50—whether in the private or public sector—to provide a health pass proving immunisation or recovery.

Though the new measures mean that Italy has imposed some of the toughest measures on its citizens in the entire continent, it is being regarded as the most effective way of lowering the death toll. Currently, Italy has the second-highest amount of deaths in Europe right after the UK with 138,276 deaths recorded since the beginning of the pandemic.

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