In Scotland, Prisoners Protest for Caramel Wafers and Easter Eggs

In probably one of the more amusing pieces of news surrounding prisons in recent memory, some prisoners staged a rooftop protest in Scotland demanding caramel wafers and Easter eggs.

The Easter long weekend may have come and gone and while we may be on lockdown, nothing's stopped us from picking up sweets from the supermarket and celebrating the only way we know how: while binging on chocolate.

For some prisoners at Barlinnie Prison in Glasgow, the fact that they hadn't gotten their fill of Easter eggs and other sweets was an absolute outrage. So instead of sitting around and stewing in their discontent, they decided to stage a good old fashioned protest.

A protest with mixed results

In what can only be described as a meager turnout, 4 prisoners took to the rooftop where the rattled off their relatively modest list of demands: Easter eggs and caramel wafers. But not just any caramel wafers... it was Tunnocks wafers or bust.

Seems like the group of protesters didn't check the weather before choosing the date of their revolt. Despite some sunshine beaming down, it was a cool 10° outside when they decided to put on their display.

And in the end, the protest ended not with a bang but with a whimper. After a few hours of this loosely thrown together protest, the inmates ended up calling for help as they were getting a little too cold. They asked for a ladder and came down peacefully.

When reached out to for a comment, a spokesperson for the Scottish Prison Service had no comment. To be fair, there's not much to be said.

Stranger Things 3: Release Date, Casting, Spoilers, Easter Eggs, News Stranger Things 3: Release Date, Casting, Spoilers, Easter Eggs, News