IKEA: Company has announced unvaxxed staff may miss out on sick pay

IKEA might make it impossible for those who have chosen not to be vaccinated against COVID to receive a full sick pay if they contract the coronavirus.

Unvaccinated employees of IKEA might not receive full sick pay if they need to isolate after coming into contact with a COVID positive person or if they themselves become infected.

How much money could they be missing out on?

The company has explained that it will go about the new rule on a case-by-case basis, as it will still consider things like medical exemptions and other extenuating circumstances.

As it stands currently at the company, people who have to take days off from work because of COVID can make up to £400 a week. This amount would be reduced to only £96.35 at most for those who are unvaxxed and must self-isolate. One employee of the Swedish homeware giant said:

Ikea are sanctioning unvaccinated workers 75 percent of their wages if they have to self isolate because they've come into contact with someone who has Covid. It feels almost like the company is coercing people into getting the jab.

While another said:

Cynical cost saving from a multinational corporation. This is wrong. Surely that’s illegal in employment law? Any solicitors on here who can confirm it?

Other companies taking similar measures

Similarly in the UK, Wessex Water has taken similar measures in not allowing unvaccinated employees to benefit from full sick pay allowance if they contract the coronavirus. A spokesperson said:

The vast majority of our workforce has been vaccinated and it’s important as a company providing essential services with key worker employees, the remainder get vaccinated to protect themselves, customers and their colleagues. To make it easy for our staff, vaccine appointments can be booked in work time.

And added:

Absences due to Covid have doubled in the last week, so we need everyone to be available so we can continue to provide uninterrupted essential water and sewerage services.
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