Health Secretary Sajid Javid promises the end of all restrictions on July 19

With the arrival of Sajid Javid as the UK's newly appointed Health Secretary, freedom for all Britons is set to be restored on July 19.

After the sudden and shocking departure of Matt Hancock as the UK's Secretary of State for Health, former Chancellor Sajid Javid has now stepped in to promise freedom for all Brits on July 19.

A fresh start

With enthusiasm and a much needed breath of fresh air amid the infidelity scandal involving Hancock, the newly appointed Health Secretary—Sajid Javid—vowed to put an end to all COVID restrictions for good.

Javid stressed the importance of reintegrating the population back into a society that no longer lived in fear of the virus. He declared:

Make no mistake, the restrictions on our freedom, they must come to an end. We owe it to the British people, who have sacrificed so much, to restore their freedoms as quickly as we possibly can and not to wait a moment longer than we need to.

His commitment to reinstating normalcy back into the lives of Britons will also extend to not having social restrictions imposed again in the winter as experts had initially predicted. Javid confidently exclaimed that reverting back to a strictly controlled society would be highly unlikely unless crucial for survival.

'July 19 remains our target date'

Despite the UK seeing more than 22,000 new infections yesterday, 28 June, new data reveals that the vaccination program has saved the the lives of an estimated 27,000 people as well as prevented 7.2 million new infections. The Health Secretary said:

With the numbers heading in the right direction, all while we protect more and more people each day, July 19 remains our target date. The Prime Minister has called it out 'terminus date'. For me, July 19 is not only the end of the line, but the start of an exciting new journey for our country.

And added:

While we decided not to bring forward Step Four, we see no reason to go beyond July 19, because, in truth, no date we choose comes with zero risk for Covid. We know we cannot simply eliminate it, we have to learn to live with it.
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