Former CBBC presenter pleads guilty for possession of extreme animal porn

A former CBBC presenter for a kids show, Stephen Kish, has pleaded guilty for one count of possession of extreme animal pornography.

Known as 'Sizzlin Steve' as host of the CBBC show Officially Amazing, 32-year-old Stephen Kish has pleaded guilty to possession of extreme animal porn.

Possession of animal pornography

After storing what is being called 'grossly offensive images' of pornography involving animals on both his mobile phone and personal computer, the former presenter awaits sentencing. Kish broke down in tears in the dock as he admitted having six images of extreme bestiality in his possession, after first having denied the allegations back in September 2018.

The charges specifically state that the images in question depict explicit and realisticpornography between a person and an animal engaging in both intercourse and oral sex.

Who is Stephen Kish?

Kish once ran a Brighton dog boarding business called Tails of Love. He also hosted the CBBC kid's show Officially Amazing, in which people from around the world tried to break bizarre and unique Guinness World Records.

He himself had broken more than 50 world records at the time, including the highest score even on both Angry Birds and Pac Man. He also used to hold the record for the fastest time to sort 500g of Peanut M&Ms and also currently holds the record for most toots of a party blower in 30 seconds.

Since the news broke out, no further episodes of the show have been commissioned, with all traces of its existence having been removed from all BBC platforms. Kish was bailed and will receiving his sentence in October of this year.

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