England will soon recognise all WHO-approved COVID jabs

The UK government has just confirmed that it will be officially recognising all vaccines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) starting 22 November.

England's list of approved vaccines against the coronavirus will be extended to include, among others, Sinovac, Sinopharm Beijing and Covaxin.

WHO vaccines to be recognised by the MRHA

This means that people from countries who have received jabs that were not recognised by the UK’s MRHA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) will henceforth be able to avoid quarantining upon arrival. They will, however, still need to take just one day two antigen test when they arrive UK soil. An announcement made on the GOV.UK website read:

From 4am on Monday 22 November, the government will recognise vaccines on the World Health Organization’s Emergency Use Listing (WHO EUL). As a result, Sinovac, Sinopharm Beijing and Covaxin will be added to our list of approved vaccines for inbound travel.

The plan to include all WHO-approved jabs will first go forward in England while Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will have the choice to decide if they want to follow suit.

New rule for under 18s

Further, all those under the age of 18, travelling to England from abroad, will now be treated as though they are fully vaccinated. This means they will no longer need to self-isolate so long as they can provide a day two test upon arrival. Transport secretary Grant Shapps said:

As we continue to recover from the pandemic and expand our recognition of international vaccines, today’s announcements mark the next step in our restart of international travel.

And added:

By also simplifying the rules for international travel for all under-18s coming to England, we’re bringing further good news for families looking to unite with loved ones, and another great boost for the travel sector.
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