Emmanuel Macron: French President vows to 'p**s off' anti-vaxxers

France's President, Emmanuel Macron, has come under fire after admitting to wanting to deliberately irritate those who are unvaccinated with further measures.

During an interview with Le Parisien, yesterday 4 January, the French President shocked the nation after using foul language to condemn those who remain unvaccinated.

'I really want to p**s them off'

In the interview, Macron said that he would make it his goal to make life harder for those who have yet to receive protection against the coronavirus. With more than 270,000 positive COVID cases having been reported yesterday in France—a new record for the country—the politician seems to have lost all patience. He said:

The unvaccinated, I really want to p*** them off. And so, we're going to continue doing so, until the end. That's the strategy.

And added:

I won't send (the unvaccinated) to prison, I won't vaccinate by force. So we need to tell them, from Jan. 15, you won't be able to go to the restaurant anymore, you won't be able to down one, won't be able to have a coffee, go to the theatre, the cinema...

Macron's government is trying to impose a new law that would only recognise full-vaccination (this would include the booster jab) as the only way to verify someone's COVID status. In this way, only those with 'vaccine passports' would be granted access to restaurants, pubs, large social gatherings and public transport as of this coming January 15.

This would effectively alienate those who are against vaccination from participating in any type of social event, as they would no longer be able to present a negative PCR test as proof of health.

Uproar on social media

Not only did political rivals take a dig at him, for what they say is 'intolerant speech against a group of people,' the public at large went ballistic on various social media platforms. Far-right leader, Marine Le Pen, said in a post on Twitter:

A president shouldn't say that. Emmanuel Macron is unworthy of his office. In April, I will become the French nation's president.
French President Emmanuel Macron slapped during a public meeting with locals French President Emmanuel Macron slapped during a public meeting with locals