Cyberattack: Ban this Android app on your phone now!

A dangerous banking malware has been detected in apps on Google Play Store.

Google has banned yet another app on the Play Store after it was found to contain a malware that could see Android users losing money to hackers. Owners of Android operating devices have been advised to delete the app or ban it on the Play Store.


The malware, known as Sharkbot is a highly sophisticated bug which can siphon money from people’s bank accounts. In this recent case, the bug was found in a fake antivirus app called, Super Cleaner.

The moment it is installed, the bug infects the phone and can move money between accounts through Automatic Transfer Systems.

The advanced app is able to overlay a fake login page when it detects a user is trying to access their accounts. Hackers are then able to have remote access to the device, stealing usernames and passwords to effect unauthorized transfers.

This malware was first detected in October 2021, but was pulled down by Google. Just recently, Cybersecurity group, NCC detected the bug in the antivirus app and alerted Google, which then took it down.

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What to do?

According to the group, more than 1,000 downloads have already been made with some fake accounts giving it good review on the platform. In a blog post warning users about its findings, the group said:

NCC Group, as well as many other researchers, noticed a rise in Android malware last year, especially Android banking malware. One of these ‘newer’ families is an Android banking malware called SharkBot. After discovery, we immediately notified Google.

If you are one of the 1,000 users to have innocently downloaded this app, you should uninstall/delete it immediately.

Although Google does its best to verify the apps it hosts on the Play Store, some still get past its radar. So it is up to you to be extra vigilant and verify apps before you download them.

Android: If you have downloaded this app, Russian hackers may have access to your phone Android: If you have downloaded this app, Russian hackers may have access to your phone