COVID Party: PM celebrates Christmas amidst growing Omicron cases

New evidence surfaces on Boris Johnson's COVID party. The PM continues to attend Christmas events, amidst the growing cases of Omicron in the UK.

The UK enters a second holiday season usurped by COVID, with the uprise of the new-found variant—Omicron. This has led to a number of speculations about how deadly the new virus strain can be.

Amidst UK’s daily infections on a rise, PM Boris Johnson has kept attending Christmas events in Downing Street, London.

Critics have accused the PM of being biased about the restrictions, which previously did not let families give their condolences to the dead.

COVID party

Initially in 2020 when the world saw Christmas not being a holiday of joy anymore, Boris Johnson threw an ‘office party,’ for his workers and colleagues. At that time, COVID restrictions were implemented by the government and such celebrations were outlawed.

But last week, a video surfaced of the alleged ‘COVID party,’ wherein a former senior employee joked about how much fun the ‘party games’ were.

In the meantime, frenzied citizens revolt, as this state of affair reeks of privilege and entitlement.

Evidence on the COVID party

After the video went viral, Allegra Stratton, a senior aide, resigned. She was also the spokesperson in COP26.

The PM initially denied all claims of the party. In his defence, he said that any gathering that occurred followed COVID protocols. He thenencouraged individuals to work from home and created a vaccination passport for some indoor events.

Petition for Boris' resignation

Furious Britons went on and formed a petition, called ‘Boris Johnson Resign Now.’ It has garnered around 6,105 signatures.

The introduction reads:

What deprivations of liberty, doctrines of austerity and dismantling of democracy will he dream up next in response to the likely catastrophic outcomes of Brexit and the problems of environmental degradation which will increasingly affect us all in the near future.

It was now a question of faith. Britons ask why should the people accept the new limits when there's a fair chance the PM won't adhere to them.

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