COVID now comparable to the common cold thanks to vaccine

Leading scientists in epidemiology, Tim Spector, says that vaccines have reduced the coronavirus to resemble a common cold.

Top epidemiologist who has been leading Britain's biggest COVID surveillance study, Tim Spector, has confirmed that people who are now catching COVID are suffering form a milder form of the virus.

Similar symptoms

Thanks to the effect of vaccines and despite the number of soaring cases, COVID symptoms have become much milder than they were when the pandemic was as its worst. Spector even goes as far as to say that COVID-19 could be compared to how one feels when they catch a cold—with sneezing having recently emerged as a new symptom. He explains:

While rates of Covid infection are high, it's reassuring to see vaccinations protecting the vulnerable and deaths remain very low.

And adds:

ZOE Covid study data shows symptoms are more mild and are similar to those of a bad cold, with a runny nose, headache and a sore throat among the top symptoms for all groups. Sneezing has also emerged as a symptom among partially and fully vaccinated people.

Precaution must be taken

The top scientist has also warned that the current third wave of the virus in the UK will last longer than expected as social distancing restrictions are being lifted progressively.

This, naturally, has made the virus much more apt at multiplying. As a result, he urges the general population to responsibly self-impose certain social barriers in order to contain the virus as much as possible. He explains:

With the summer holidays approaching, we need to remain extra vigilant and avoid unnecessary risks. Euro 2020 has the potential to spread the virus among tens of thousands of fans, so I think because of these factors we’ll continue to see high rates for longer than expected.
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