COVID: Health Secretary urges ‘vaccine hesitant’ Brits to get their jab

The Health Secretary, Sajid Javid urged his fellow Britons to ignore disinformation and keep coming forward for their vaccination shot.

The World Health Organisation reported 5,413 deaths, across the world, in the past 24 hours.

The 51-year-old Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, received his third dose of Moderna vaccine yesterday and encouraged his fellow Britonstoavoid misinformation and continue to come forth for their vaccine dose.

Way to normalcy

Despite the anti-vax propaganda, more than 13 million boosters have already been delivered across the U.K.

The Health Secretary said:

Spreading false information about vaccines costs lives and risks undermining the vaccine effort. Anyone sharing false stories about vaccines needs to stop. Get your facts from trusted, legitimate sources, like your doctor or the NHS website.

According to reports, booster shots have been given to more than 22% of people over the age of 12. And, at least two vaccine shots have been administered to an estimated 68.6% of the population. Javid added:

Vaccines are our main form of defence against this virus. We can already see how the vaccine programme is helping us get back towards a more normal way of life.
To keep up with this progress, boosters are absolutely essential.

The ardent plea comes as thousands of 'vaccine hesitant' Britons get prepared to have their booster shots to improve immunity against COVID.

Jabs safer than COVID

Javid simplified how easy it is to get their hands on the scientifically administered vaccine, as the jabs are ‘far safer than catching the virus.’

To defend theNHS, who will be facing a harsh winter, coupled with flu and COVID, it was critical that everyone who was eligible got their respective jabs.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson also urged Britons to come forward:

The most important thing we can do for our country today if we want to protect our NHS, if we want to make sure we don’t have excessive pressures on A&E over what promises to be a tough winter, is to all get our booster jabs when we’re called.
The coronavirus vaccine will only affect 30m out of 67m Brits, so who gets priority? The coronavirus vaccine will only affect 30m out of 67m Brits, so who gets priority?