COVID: Disturbing symptom that requires emergency medical help

If, upon being infected by the coronavirus, you start developing this symptom, you must seek immediate medical attention as consequences could be deadly.

With the explosion of COVID cases in all four corners of the globe—some of which have broken records—more reports of side effects are emerging with each passing day.

If you have this symptom, go see a doctor

Health experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are warning the public to watch out for an unusual but dangerous COVID symptom, that requires immediate medical attention. The symptom in question—pale, gray, or blue-colored skin, lips, or nail beds—is cause for concern as it could indicate a patient has developed cyanosis, as a result of a lack of oxygen.

When a person is low on oxygen, their blood cells turn a dark bluish-red colour, and it is often associated with other concerning symptoms such as trouble breathing and chest pains. Cyanosis is also typically associated with cardiovascular issues, blood clots and lung diseases.

The best line of defence

Though the symptom is extremely rare, it has been observed in the past. Doctors say that one way of avoiding such grave side effects from manifesting is through vaccination. Although currently the Omicron variant has ravaged the world as it is extremely transmissible, for those who have received a double dosage of the coronavirus vaccine, the requirement of hospitalisation is slashed by 90%.

What's more, a large majority of those who have contracted the virus despite being fully shielded have reported milder symptoms and generally an easier time recovering from the virus. Health secretary, Sajid Javid, said in a statement:

While there is still a lot of uncertainty around this new variant, we do know that our very best form of defence is vaccination.
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