COVID-19: Macron is experiencing severe symptoms

On Thursday 17 December, French president Emmanuel Macron tested positive for COVID-19. His health is deteriorating with each passing hour.

French President Emmanuel Macron tested positive for COVID-19. The president is isolating in his home in the outskirts of Paris. According to sources, his wife Brigitte Macron is not experiencing any symptoms and has tested negative. She, along with the president's friends and families, will not be able to see him for 7 days, the duration of his isolation period.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson who had contracted the virus back in March, tweeted his support to the French President.

Severe symptoms

BFMTV revealed that the president is experiencing symptoms of a fever, a cough and fatigue. The president had met with many people in the last few days. On Wednesday 16 December, the president had shared 'a prolonged meal at the Élysée Palace with members of his team,' including French Prime Minister Jean Castex.

It's hard to imagine that during this dinner, the officials respected every safety regulations put in place to slow the spreading of the virus: wearing a mask, physical distancing...

Macron had also met with Portuguese Prime Minister Antonia Costa and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, among others.

Who will replace the president if he becomes severely ill?

According to the Journal Du Dimanche, Macron will continue to work remotely from his private home. He will be holding virtual meetings until further notice. If the president were to develop a severe form of COVID-19, the President of the Senate, Gérard Larcher, will be replacing him. The constitution states the following:

Should the Presidency of the Republic fall vacant for any reason whatsoever, or should the Constitutional Council on a referral from the Government rule by an absolute majority of its members that the President of the Republic is incapacitated, the duties of the President of the Republic, with the exception of those specified in articles 11 and 12, shall be temporarily exercised by the President of the Senate or, if the latter is in turn incapacitated, by the Government.
If you've had this symptom then you've definitely had Covid-19 before If you've had this symptom then you've definitely had Covid-19 before