Coked-up driver rams passenger train into ticketing station

A 39-year-old train driver, under the influence of cocaine, drives a passenger train into the buffers at the Enfield Station in the UK.

Police have revealed and arrested the person behind the train-derailment that occurred earlier this month, for being allegedly under the influence of cocaine at the Enfield Station in the UK.

A 39-year-old driver from Essex, whose identity remains unknown, has rammed the train into the buffers. He went into shock when the commuter service halted the train, inches away from the ticketing office.

Train unhinged

The train derailed after an 8.20 a.m. accident at the Lea Valley Line's Enfield Town terminal in North London on 12 October. The front carriage rose up as it derailed. It is believed that the buffers came as a boon, because that is how the train managed to slow down and stay erect.

Two people, along with the ‘experienced’ driver, were treated for injuries.

A routine test found samples of cocaine present in his bloodstream.

Colleagues of the train driver admitted that it came as a shock to them, as something like this was unheard of.

Passengers, present during the accident, described the scene and said:

It fortunately didn't go through the station window.

Lines of coke

The driver was charged with ‘suspicion of endangering the safety of the railway and being unfit to work on a transport system through drink or drugs.’ He has received bail until 19 November and remains suspended in the interim.

Station Commander Jim O’Neill said:

Crews are now assisting station staff to make the scene safe and a recovery operation will then be carried out

If convicted of being unfit due to alcohol or drugs, the driver could face up to six months in jail. Convictions for compromising the safety of passengers on trains can result in a sentence of up to two years in prison.

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