Children Rescued From Their Grandmothers Abusive Care Were Forced To Eat Their Own Feces

In a horrific story out of Texas in the United States, three children were rescued from the neglectful and abusive care of their grandparents.

Children Rescued From Their Grandmothers Abusive Care Were Forced To Eat Their Own Feces
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Severely malnourished and allegedly forced to eat their own faeces three children aged 4, 2 and 16-months were taken from the care of their grandparents.

Samantha Foster, 41, was allegedly given custody of her three grandchildren in April 2019. Her daughter and aunt to the three young children, who is only 12 years of age was apparently the one who informed the authorities about the abuse and that the children were suffering.

According to an affidavit, the aunt told investigators that Foster would regularly leave the four and two-year-old children in their room without food for up to a week in some cases. She would also allegedly beat the 2-year-old with a shoe.

Foster would allegedly beat the children constantly for no reason or for fun and tell her daughter (their aunt) that 'the children are not hers or her responsibility'.

According to court records, the young girl also explained horrific situations where Foster's husband would also physically abuse the children and the two would even 'make the children eat their own bowel movements if they pooped in their diapers'.

According to local authorities, the children were found to be malnourished with pale, almost saggy skin and sunken eyes. Of the three children, the 4-year-old was the only one capable of communication. While the youngest, still over 1-year-old, was immobile. Unable to stand or sit up on its own.

The conditions in which the children lived, as you can see in the video above, were beyond dirty. Authorities stated that there was garbage everywhere, a bathtub with 'old furniture and black water' inside. It's unclear how long it had been in that state. They also could find no source of running water.

Foster has been jailed with a bond of $150,000 and has been charged with 3 felony counts of injury to a child.