Boris Johnson will be heading straight to the pub on 12 April

As we approach restrictions lifts in the coming weeks, PM Boris Johnson has revealed to have already booked a spot at a pub on 12 April.

The PM has spoken and he is just as excited about beer gardens reopening as the rest of us are. During a visit to a nursery in London yesterday, he revealed having already booked a rendezvous to enjoy what we can only relate to as a much needed time socializing with some good old pints.

Eager for some pints

During his visit, the PM mentioned being overdue for a haircut, but when asked if he had booked an appointment for a trim at the hairdresser's, he replied:

For the pub? Yes. For the haircut? I don't know about that.

Despite having previously admitted to being long overdue to chop his locks:

I need to get a haircut... I do need a haircut, I do badly need a haircut, it's going to happen.

More restrictions to be lifted in the coming days

The PM's boozy reveal comes just weeks before we will finally be able to go to pubs as was scheduled in his roadmap to lifting COVID-19 restrictions. As it stands, if everything goes as planned, next Monday (29 March) outdoor gatherings with one other household—or a group of up to six people from separate households—will be permitted.

Outdoor leisure facilities as well as organised grassroots sports will also be allowed to take place as of that same day. 12 April will not only see beer gardens reopening their doors to customers but gyms, libraries, all retail and outdoor attractions will also come out of closure.

The next set of restriction lifts are set for 17 May and will allow groups of up to 30 people to meet outdoors as well as hospitality to reopen indoors and cinemas and organised indoor sports to resume business. International travel will also be allowed but under strict supervision.

Finally, if the virus stays contained, no more legal limits on social contact will be imposed starting 21 June.

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