Beijing Winter Olympics: The 7 new sporting events introduced this year

Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 has definitely captured the attention of spectates throughout the world. Now the games see the arrival of 7 new events.

Beijing Winter Olympics has garnered a lot of attention since it commenced last Friday. It has observed unseen circumstances such as the 'closed loop' bubble for containing COVID, a lot more LGBTQIA+ participation, and now the introduction of new games to breach the gender gap in the game.

The list of events debuting at the 2022 Olympics include:

  • Monobob
  • Mixed team ski jumping
  • Freeski Big Air
  • Mixed team snowboard cross
  • Short track team relay
  • Freestyle Skiing: Mixed team aerials


Women's monobob

Unlike the 2-4 manned bobsleighs, where various persons are assigned to different roles, the monobob is a women-only event with a single woman contestant who must begin and navigate the route using the standardised sled model.

Canadian Cynthia Appiah told the official site of the Olympics:

Winning isn't down to souped-up equipment. We all have the same runners. We can see who is the top of the top.

The gold medallist will be the woman who has the best overall time from all four heats.

Monobob Picture alliance, Getty Images

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Freeski Big Air

Freeski Big Air

The X-games fan favourite the Freeski Big Air makes a debut at the Big Air Shougang—the world’s first permanent Big Air venue, in the Beijing Olympics. This will be contested by both men and woman.

The participants will get four rounds, out of which the top 3 rounds will be selected. Athletes are expected to attempt a new trick every round.

Men's Freestyle Skiing Freeski Big Ai Liu Lu
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