A third wave is highly unlikely for Britain thanks to success of vaccine rollout

Medical experts believe that the success of the vaccine rollout program will lead the UK to avoid what could be a catastrophic third wave of the coronavirus.

With more than 31 million people in the UK having been given at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine, experts are confident the country will be able to avoid a third wave.

More than half of the UK has been vaccinated

Linda Bauld, professor at the University of Edinburgh, believes that the UK's fast and effective vaccine rollout program coupled with the warmer weather fast approaching, the UK will be able to finish the year without a third wave ravaging the country as is currently happening in some other parts of Europe.

Compared to France at the moment, the UK has vaccinated almost half of its population as well as more than half of all adults. The top medical expert says that, as it stands currently, the UK is in a very different posiiton:

More importantly, 11.6 per cent of citizens in the EU, on average, have been given their first dose of the vaccine – that's all people, not just all adults – compared to over 40 per cent of people in the UK, so you can see they are in a different place than we are.

When looking at France, numbers show that the country is recording over 38,000 cases per day compared to 4,600 in the UK which has now prompted Emmanuel Macron to impose a third national lockdown starting this weekend.

The warmer weather will also help us

As was observed last summer, the virus has a more difficult time spreading as people spend less time indoors which has been shown to reduce the propagation of COVID-19.

But even without strict social distancing restrictions as was the case last summer, the UK managed to avoid a second wave until mid Decemeber when infection and death rates were at an all time high. As a result, scientists believe that we must now simply maintain vigilance and precaution in order to guarantee a safe transition into the coming seasons.

The 'third silent wave' of the coronavirus will be very different from the first two The 'third silent wave' of the coronavirus will be very different from the first two