A Parrot’s Testimony Is Being Used in a Murder Trial in Argentina

Yes you read that right... Argentinian prosecutors have entered the testimony of a pet parrot into the evidence against two men who allegedly raped and beat their female housemate to death.

Elizabeth Toledo was found dead in her home in the city of San Fernando, Buenos Aires, Argentina in December 2018. Her suspected killers, Jorge Raul Alvarez, 62 and Miguel Saturnino Rolon, 51 are due to appear in court this year.

Included in the case file was a statement from a police officer who mentioned he heard the parrot saying 'Ay, no, Por favour, soltame!' ('No, please, let me go!'). When he rushed to the seen to investigate he saw Toledo's lifeless body next to a caged green parrot.

Police believe that the parrot was repeating the last words of the victim before she was killed. Apparently, neighbours also mentioned to the police that they heard the parrot say 'why did you beat me' as one of the assailants fled the scene.

Head prosecutor Bibiana Santella has allegedly entered the testimony of the parrot into the case file for the trial, which could be essential in convicted the alleged attackers. An autopsy performed in 2018 proved that Elizabeth had been beaten, raped and then strangled to death.

She was found naked and bruised lying on her back, naked on a mattress on the floor. Our only hope is that the prosecutors use every shred of evidence available to bring her killers to justice, including the testimony of a parrot who seems to be the sole witness to the crime.

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