This One Bird Box Scene Has Caused A Huge Controversy

Some footage from the popular Netflix film ‘Bird Box’ have been creating controversy, since it is not completely fictitious.

The Netflix film ‘Bird Box’ has definitely been causing some hype recently. First, there was the dangerous challenge on social media that involved doing just as the main protagonist, played by Sandra Bullock, in the film does. In the film, the protagonist had to keep her eyes covered to avoid seeing the monsters around her, which with one look, could push you into committing suicide.

But a new controversy is on the rise now. Within the first few minutes of the film, the main character is watching TV. On the screen is a news report which shows all the catastrophes occurring at that moment, each worse than the last. However, some of the footage from this report was taken from events that actually took place, like the train accident that took place in 2013 in Quebec.

47 deaths in one accident

An unsupervised train, loaded with petrol, was flying towards a bridge and ended up becoming derailed. But given what the train was carrying, the engine exploded and the ball of fire that resulted from this explosion killed 47 people. The use of footage from this accident in a fictional film was shocking, but Netflix refused to change their film. The platform has however, assured that they’ll be more sensitive to the subject.

A similar incident had already occurred in the film ‘Death Note’, which used footage from the Buizingen catastrophe, an accident that occurred between two trains and took place in Belgium.

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