There's A New Dating App Directly Inspired By Black Mirror

For many fans of the series, Black Mirror episodes make new technologies frightening enough for them avoid trying them out. However, a young American developer was inspired by them and created an application similar to the one in the Hang the DJ episode.

Stranger than fiction... You'll recall that episode 4 of Black Mirror Season 4, titled Hang the DJ, introduced us to a world where people live in an environment bounded by a large wall. At the heart of this "system", each person is looking for their "ideal partner", guided by a virtual coach who gives them advice and creates couples with an expiration date. This is how Amy and Frank, played by Georgina Campbell and Joe Cole, meet and fall in love with one another before their relationship turns into a nightmare.

While this episode directed by Tim Van Patten is actually a harsh critique of dating apps and the "disappearance" of romanticism, a 24-year-old American developer chose to draw inspiration from it to create an application similar to "system."

Guided dates with a time limit

As our friends at HuffingtonPost revealed, Julian Alexander has indeed developed "Juliet", an application that chooses the people to connect for a limited time. Following a date, users detail the positive and negative points of the time spent alongside their potential soul mate.

Based on this feedback, "Juliet" will be able to offer new dates based on these criteria. After all, why bother taking the time to get to know someone when an app can do it for us? Beware, however, not to fall into the disenchantment of the characters in the series, which has already made some worrisome predictions...

Check out the video above for more on this creepy new service!

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