Account-Sharers And Fee Avoiders - Netflix Is Officially Coming For You

Dark times are upon us indeed...

It's safe to say that, as young and financially-challenged millenials, we've all dabbled in a little bit of friendly sharing when it comes to streaming the cinematic brilliance that Netflix has to offer in the comfort of our own homes. Whether we've got that one pal who takes one for the team or we end up being that pal, we can't deny the fact that we like to join forces when it comes to saving a little cash on one of our favourite activities.

'How serious is account sharing really?'

Whilst keeping up with our favourite shows for a grand total price of zero sounds incredible, we're no strangers to the fact that Netflix is a little less ecstatic about that notion.

In fact, it has become such a nuisance for video streaming platforms, that these seemingly-insignificant acts of theft will add up to a jaw-dropping 9.9 billion dollars (£7.8 billion) as well as 1.2 billion dollars (£940m) worth of losses by 2021.

'They will never catch me... Or will they?'

Although, now it seems like Netflix is truly onto us - that is to say that they will find us, and they will kill our fee-avoiding ways. Created by video software giant, Synamedia, a brand new AI system will be able to track down and determine which accounts have been sharing their credentials without being authorised to do so according to the type of account they are subscribed to.

By analysing and monitoring Netflix's subscriber database, the system will be able to keep tabs on exactly which accounts are logged in at any given time as well as their exact location - whether that's your famiy's holiday home or your best mate's flat. The AI technology will also help to crack down on larger scale operations that make profits from streaming sites.

The bottom line? It's bad news for us all, friends. Savour the last of your free-of-charge joys of streaming whilst you can, because trials have already began plaguing our last hopes of economic television.

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